RIGHTWEIGHT project approved for Interreg NWE programme

On April 28th, the RIGHTWEIGHT project, which will develop affordable lightweight advanced materials solutions to meet auto and aero makers’ needs, was selected for funding by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme.

The project is led by Rik Voerman from the ThermoPlastic Application Centre (TPAC) of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, in collaboration with ELCA partners Plastipolis (France), Flanders Make (Belgium) and IMAST (Italy). The industrial clusters NMWP.NRW (Germany) and Automotive NL (Netherlands) complement the partnership together with IPEK from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany).

The project proposal was the result of two ELCA working groups collaborating together: working group 1 on manufacturing and working group 6 on scrap separation & recycling.

RIGHTWEIGHT aims to increase the competitiveness of automotive and aerospace SMEs to produce components that meet future car and aircraft makers’ needs.


For more information, contact communication@elcanetwork.eu
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