The ELCA consortium meets in Dresden

The first physical meeting for ELCA took place on September 30 – October 1, 2021, in Dresden organized by the project leader – AMZ Sachsen. The COVID-19 pandemic made it harder to travel and organize a kick-off meeting last year, so it was the first opportunity to meet and work together outside a virtual environment.

On the first day, the consortium visited the Leichtbau-Centrum Zachsen, one of Germany’s Centers for Lightweight Materials and Technologies. The second part of the day, the consortium met at the RKW Sachsen (the Coordinator of AMZ Sachsen cluster) office, participating in a workshop and working on building the “Lightweight made in Europe” brand, which is one of the key objectives of the project undertaking tasks such as a SWOT analysis of all network and separately the ELCA consortium. Representatives of the ELCA Network were supporting us since that the idea of ​​this project originates from the Network.

On Friday, October 1, we jointly attended the monthly telco of the ELCA network members and to discuss the current activities and project management topics.

The meeting was long-awaited and a great opportunity to align the ELCA consortium for 2021 and upcoming activities!

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