ELCA in discussion recap: ELCA participates in lightening technological challenges webinar with MANU-KET

On the 27th of January 2023, the ELCA community together with the MANU-KET and MATERPLAT technology platforms and the CDTI participated in a Spanish webinar on the challenges and opportunities that lightweighting offers to industry in different industrial sectors.

The session started discussing the importance of lightweighting strategies in the aeronautical sector which was explored by Asunción Butragueño (AIRBUS). Next, María Eugenia Rodriguez (EURECAT) presented some of the most relevant technological challenges in the field.

The webinar continued digging into the European initiatives where lightness plays a key role. Here, Aitor Hornés presented the ELCA community, its members, the activities planned for 2023 and the projects currently underway in which ELCA members are developing innovative materials, technologies and tools in the field of lightweighting. The European Lightweighting Network (ELN) was also introduced, an initiative managed by the governments of Austria and Germany as well as by the LightER initiative (Sweden) which aims to position lightweight materials and technologies as an essential part of the European strategy due to their impact on the reduction of the use of resources (materials and energy) as well as on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Finally, the EUREKA Multilateral CDTI Programme was presented, which gives companies the opportunity to develop innovative solutions through international projects in collaboration with other European countries.

In the last part of the webinar, 5 entities presented pitches with innovative ideas for projects and showed their respective interests and capacities in the field of lightweighting.

Overall, the webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the current challenges and initiatives in the field of technology and how the EUREKA Multilateral CDTI programme can help companies to address these challenges and develop innovative solutions.

The presentations, pitches and recording of the day are accessible through the following links:



Recording of the day


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