Lightweighting the automotive and aerospace industry the RIGHT(weight) way!

The Interreg NWE RIGHTWEIGHT project is coming to a close in June of this year. The project set out to increase the competitiveness of auto and aero SMEs by delivering new solutions that met environmental and affordability targets. RIGHTWEIGHT fostered cross-sectoral collaboration between automotive and aerospace and offered dedicated support to help these businesses increase their capacity to co-develop solutions that met the needs of car and aircraft makers.

To achieve its objectives, RIGHTWEIGHT established a transnational ecosystem throughout North West Europe automotive and aerospace entities that connected seven partner regions with complementary expertise.

Throughout the project span, RIGHTWEIGHT successfully empowered SMEs from both sectors to co-create innovative lightweight products that met the highest environmental standards. The project brought together diverse businesses and value chain players to work towards a common goal, paving the way for a more sustainable and competitive future in the automotive and aerospace industries.

RIGHTWEIGHT focused on three main activities: 

 • Challenge-driven competitions for delivering new lightweight and affordable solutions​

• Educational programmes to improve competitiveness on the lightweight domain​

• Digital tool to support the creation of an ecosystem that supports both the automotive and aero​space sectors by bringing together companies working on the lightweight domain

Activities and Impact


Learn through the RIGHTWEIGHT expertise

The partners of the RIGHTWEIGHT program have reached out to their network to organise MOOC lectures to bring expert lightweight knowledge to showcase the connections and knowledge transfer made between the partners these last three years will have a lasting positive effect on ongoing innovation and collaborations between OEMs, SMEs, and cluster organisations.

In total 9 high-level lectures will be held and recorded by experts across the field of lightweight technology. These Lectures will be broadcasted on the IPEK platform and on the RIGHTWEIGHT Youtube channel, with the aim of helping the participating SMEs in gaining more knowledge about certain crucial topics within the field. With this initiative, we hope to gain awareness and reach out to stakeholders in the lightweight technology field.

You can view the MOOC lectures from TPAC, Flanders MAKE and IMAST below on the RIGHTWEIGHT youtube channel. 

Stay tuned to the RIGHTWEIGHT LinkedIn and Twitter channels for information on the remaining lectures in the MOOC series and information on how to join the RIGHTWEIGHT final event on the 25th of April from 12:00-15:00.


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