WORKING GROUP 6 – Circular economy

Working Group scope 

The current and future waste management and environmental legislations require all engineering materials to be properly recovered and recycled from end-of-life products. WG 6 exchanges expertise, use cases and knowledge of various technologies available and under development for increasing circularity of lightweight materials: eco-design, mechanical recycling, thermal recycling, and chemical recycling. The involvement of industrial stakeholders allows them to tackle major commercialization barriers already from the early stages of the value chain.

Today, the adoption of composites by the industry is restricted due to their limited recyclability. Hence, Working Group 6 develops new recycling processes and techniques in order to reduce production costs in the long term by facilitating the reuse of materials. It also focuses on other lightweight materials such as light metals alloys and ceramic matrix composites in order to ensure their sustainable use across different industries.

To realise this vision, WG 6 joins forces with other WGs e.g., to influence the material’s design (WG1, WG3) and manufacturing processes (WG4).

Working Group Leaders

Katharina Schoeps AMZ



Partners Involved