WORKING GROUP 4 – Manufacturing  

Working Group scope 

Despite the breakthroughs that can be achieved at the early stages of research, in many cases, the manufacturing stage is the bottleneck of promising lightweight multi-material solutions.

Advanced composites have been used in aerospace and high-performance vehicle applications for several decades now since their high costs have not been a limitation in these sectors. The challenge is to widen their use to other sectors such as the automotive. Working Group 4 develops lower-cost, higher-speed, and more efficient production and recycling processes to shape the future of manufacturing. Here, they are not only focusing on advanced technologies and Industry 4.0 applications but on conventional manufacturing processes, as well, in order to have an immediate impact on current production systems.

By facilitating the automation of manufacturing processes, WG 4 brings advanced composites and multi-material solutions down the cost curve which enables their use for a broader range of products including lightweight vehicles with record-breaking fuel economy.


Working Group Leaders

Mª Eugenia Rodríguez Eurecat 

Pedro Mimoso PIEP



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