Strengthening European leadership

in the field of lightweight materials and technologies

A network of 13 entities of excellence from 11 EU countries
Over 1200 entities including SMEs, large enterprises and RTOs have joined forces to strengthen EU leadership in the industrial field of lightweight materials and technologies
Empowering SMEs to explore lightweight market opportunities through collaboration
ELCA is creating a unique inclusive business framework for exploring lightweight-driven market opportunities.
Lightweighting for a sustainable future
ELCA aims to strengthen the cooperation between the experts in lightweight materials in strategic industries to increase efficiency and environmental sustainability

Novel solutions for sustainable and competitive lightweighting

What is ELCA?

ELCA (European Lightweight Cluster Alliance) is a collaborative initiative that aims to accelerate the adoption of lightweight materials in strategic industries. Mobility is the primary focus of the alliance, but applications in other lightweighting-related sectors are also targeted; including energy, health care, defence and construction. The alliance is creating a unique inclusive business framework for exploring lightweight-driven market opportunities. The main players from established industries and research institutions can collaborate and facilitate activities to put the lightweight technologies into practice.

Research & Development

ELCA brings together top class lightweight researchers and facilities in which multiple and varied R&D projects are developed and further implemented at large scale, addressing the challenges and needs of industry.

Technology transfer

ELCA aims to enhance the coordination between technology users and developers in order to create new business opportunities in the field of lightweight materials.


The ELCA members focus their innovation efforts on constantly developing new products and technologies by strengthening their mutual cooperation through synergistic collaborations.  

The ELCA network

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ELCA partners


ELCA partners

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