Unlocking ELCA Insights: The 4th Edition of the ELCA Newsletter

The fourth edition of the ELCA newsletter is here featuring interviews from industry experts from the German Federal Ministry for Climate Action and Economic Affairs and LIGHTer/RISE and ELCA partner updates. Take a read to see what the ELCA has been working on this year so far! 

The start of 2023 set an impressive tone for the year ahead for ELCA. With the formation of valuable consortia and the writing of three out of four European funding proposals, including many of the ELCA members, we have already achieved the main objective set at the end of 2022. The RIGHTWEIGHT project has successfully come to an end. Additionally, the SALIENT and AMULET projects are running at full speed, allowing us to jointly make an impressive impact in the lightweighting industry. We’ve achieved international recognition, validated by multiple requests to speak, moderate, and attend the most relevant events in our industry. Throughout the year, we will continue setting this trend, pushing beyond our boundaries and expectations as our network learns and grows. Let’s now look back at what was achieved through this new ELCA newsletter edition.

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