Introducing Neumann Technology Platform: The newest edition to the ELCA network

Meet the newest member of the ELCA network, Neumann Technology Platform based in Hungary. We asked Neumann some questions to get to know the organisation better, their area of expertise and the value they can bring to the ELCA.

Neumann Nltd. is a member of the Bay Zoltan Network. Within the framework of this cooperation, the organisation actively contributes to industry-focused research and development activities, the exchange of know-how, and technology transfer to support and facilitate the creation of marketable and competitive products and services. Additionally, Neumann Nltd. provides business development advocacy.

Who is Neumann? 

Neumann Nonprofit Ltd. (NEUM) is a Budapest-based 100% state-owned company with a diverse portfolio in the field of digital transformation. The organisation supports strategic developments in domestic industry and public policy, ensuring the creation of optimal operating conditions for thematic professional platforms.

NEUM proudly founded the Neumann Technology Platform, a think-tank with a mission to disseminate industrial and technological applications to SMEs, large companies, and public bodies. The platform strives to promote technological advancements, foster industrial cooperation, ensure the quality of industrial processes, and integrate them into the nation’s industrial policies. Additionally, the Platform dedicates particular attention to technological and industrial research.

What are the main activities of Neumann? 

Neumann is involved in a diverse range of activities, playing a pioneering role in creating and operating domestic thematic professional coalitions that include all relevant national stakeholders. Its primary aim is to ensure the balanced development of key technologies, with a particular focus on 5G, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, drones, and Industry 4.0 technologies.

NEUM is deeply committed to promoting digital transformation across sectors such as Network Science, Digital Agriculture, and the Digital Food Industry, while also actively fostering Smart City initiatives. The organisation’s expertise extends to supporting technological development and enhancing digital competence in SMEs. It offers technology transfer services and significantly contributes to designing and implementing programmes that facilitate the transfer of high-technology products and services, especially in the context of Industry 4.0.

What is Neumann’s main interest in the ELCA, and what can Neumann bring?

NEUM expresses a keen interest in actively participating in the ELCA Working Groups focusing on Manufacturing and Circular Economy. Additionally, one of our notable projects, the Learning Factory (LF), receives direct support from the Hungarian Ministry for Economic Development. 

We believe this project would be of great interest to ELCA members as it encompasses both physical and virtual factory environments designed to facilitate knowledge transfer. The LF project aims to support local and regional SMEs while also serving as a testbed for partners.

Scheduled for implementation in Q1 2024, we are enthusiastic about establishing partnerships and expanding international collaborations. We are particularly interested in exploring potential pilot projects and participating in European initiatives. NEUM looks forward to leveraging these opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the Manufacturing and Circular Economy sectors.


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