From Submissions to Selections: Uncovering the Journey of the AMULET 2nd Open Call

After the closure of the second Open Call on March 27, 2023, and the pre-scoring of numerous projects, the AMULET project is pleased to share the results and statistics!

66 SMEs applicants from 16 countries

The second Open Call received a significant amount of interest, with 37 submitted applications. The AMULET project selected 31 projects, involving 66 entities from 16 countries. Among the applicants, three countries stood out prominently: Italy, with an impressive 15 applicants, followed by Spain with 11 applicants, and Greece with 8 applicants.

In terms of the main materials and sectors, it is evident that more than half of the submitted and preselected applications focused on challenges in the aerospace and aeronautics sector, totalling 11 applications. The second most chosen sector was building, with 10 applications. Additionally, an equal number of applications, five each, were submitted in response to challenges in the automotive and energy sectors.

Main materials and sectors

Regarding the selected materials by the preselected applicants, one material stood out prominently: polymer-based composite material, constituting the largest percentage at 51.6% of applications (16 applications). The second most popular material was light metal alloys, accounting for 29% with six applications. The third material, ceramic matrix composites, gathered nine applications, which represented 19.4% of all applications. The AMULET project is excited to work with these diverse materials and sectors in advancing innovation and technological development



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