WORKING GROUP 5 – Assembly & Joining 

Working Group scope 

Multi-material design extends the use of combinations of high strength steel, advanced aluminium, plastics, fibre composites, and other new materials as well as new hybrid joining methods. Assembly and hybrid joining methods for multi-material products will be critical and require further development to ensure Europe’s future competitiveness for advanced material applications.

In multi-material combinations of complex products, joining methods are central, for which modelling and simulation methods are key. Suppliers, OEMs, academic, and research organizations continue the development of new and innovative hybrid joining and methods suitable for mass production of multi-material products.

The aim of Working Group 5 is to leverage the expertise across the EU and find synergies and complementarities with other WGs. WG 5 collaborates especially close with WG 2 due to the importance of modelling & simulation of materials.


Working Group Leader

Jan Skogmo LIGHT-er



Partners Involved