New ELCA partner: PIEP

Last month PIEP joined the ELCA partnership. The Centre for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (PIEP) is a private non-profit association, of a technological and scientific matrix, with a business management model.


With over 20 years of activity, PIEP provides an excellent response in the delivery of products and services, oriented to the R&D+I needs of companies in the plastics and related sectors, through innovation activities, technology transfer, technical-scientific consultancy, and service provision.
PIEP acts in terms of the provision of testing services and failure diagnoses, development of new materials and products, processing technologies, and productivity tools, based on the promotion of the principles of sustainable development (Circular Economy and Environment).

What PIEP do –

  • Promote innovation and make the connection between the scientific, academic and industrial environments.
  • Develop Research and support companies in the creation of innovative products.
  • We have nine R&D laboratories that carry out a wide variety of Tests and Laboratory Tests.


PIEP aims to be a reference entity in polymer engineering innovation, contributing to the growth of the national plastics and related industry, ensuring an excellent response in the timely delivery of goods and services, oriented to the needs of R & D + I of its customers.

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