Strong partnership for European lightweight technology

Cooperating alliances for lightweight technology: The ELCA European Lightweight Cluster Alliance and European Lightweight Association (ELA) and have decided to work together. At this year’s #JECWorld in Paris, the future cooperation was sealed.

Both European lightweight clusters are united by the common goal of giving the enormous economic and ecological potential of lightweight technology more visibility in politics, business and science at European, national and regional level. In addition, complementary expertise of work forms the basis for the future partnership, from whose interaction European lightweight technology can optimally benefit.

“We see great potential in the future cooperation of the ELA and the ELCA to advance lightweight technology in Europe with combined forces,” says Dr Katharina Schöps as representative of the ELCA. “In this way, we are strengthening the global competitiveness of European companies and at the same time making a significant contribution to climate protection,” says Jean-Pierre Heijster of the ELA about the cooperation of the European lightweight technology networks.


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