Lightening Technological Challenges Webinar, ELCA in Discussion

ELCA will discuss lightening technological challenges in online webinar 

The PTE MANU-KET, together with CDTI, the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance association and the PTE MATERPLAT have organised an online webinar on January 27, 2023, focused on the challenges and opportunities that lightweighting offers to the industry from different industrial sectors. Within the framework of this online event industry experts will present the following:

• AIRBUS (Asunción Butragueño), who will present the challenges and importance of lightening in the aerospace industry

• EURECAT (Mª Eugenia Rodríguez) who will present the technological barriers and limitations that must be overcome related to the concept of lightening.

• CDTI (Oscar Fernández, EUREKA), who will present the General Characteristics of the Eureka multilateral call on light materials and national financing

• ELCA (Aitor Hornés) will present the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance, and the ELN initiative, European Lightweighting Network.

During the webinar there will be the possibility for interested entities to present their ideas of possible projects, capacities, needs or challenges around lightening. To find out more details and how to register visit here. 



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