The ELCA network looks ahead to 2020

The 2019 General Assembly of the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance (ELCA) took place in Berlin on November 11th to 12th. The two-day event was organised by current member coordinator MERGE (Technical University of Chemnitz) and hosted by network manager Dr Ricardo del Valle of Bax & Company.

During the first day, members of the network had the chance to review the activities carried out over the course of 2018 to 2019. During this period, the network grew from 13 partners from 12 different countries to 18 cluster members from 16 EU countries. This increase shows the commitment of the network to cover the full spectrum of lightweight materials and related technologies.

The members also had the opportunity to discuss the activities they would like to focus on in 2020, emphasising the importance of strengthening the research and innovation collaborations through common projects and events. In parallel, eight lightweight champions and four experts presented their main interests in lightweighting activities during the event.

The participating champions:

Dr Jürgen Tröltzsch – Karl Mayer (DE)
Dr Andrea Pipino – CRF (Research centre Fiat) – IMAST (IT)
Dr Stefania Cantoni – CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre) – IMAST (IT) Jan PROČEK – AtomTrace company (CZ)
Wilko Taudor – AMZ – Network of Automotive Suppliers Saxony (DE)
Piotr Rzepecki – APLEX Ltd. (PL)
István Szélig and Szabolcs Kresz – Kresz&Fiedler Ltd. (HU)
Heiko Marold – MC Executives (DE)

Experts in attendance:

Dr Fredrik Stig (RISE – LIGHTer) (SE)
Vesna Butinar and Dr Jakob König (Jožef Stefan Institute) (SI)
Prof. Zoltan Major (Johannes Kepler University Linz – LIT Factory) (AT) Prof. Olfa Kanoun (Technical University of Chemnitz) (DE)

On the second day, the partnership discussed the development of the six working groups that are part of the ELCA network, currently distributed in:

1) materials supply and development
2) characterisation and modelling
3) design and smart functions
4) manufacturing
5) assembly & joining
6) scrap separation and recycling

The ELCA network is looking forward to a fruitful 2020 and has solid plans to keep expanding and achieving its objectives.
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