Introducing the SALIENT project: Novel Concepts for Safer, Lighter, Circular and Smarter Vehicle Design

SALIENT is an EU-funded Research & Innovation Action (RIA), focusing on future-proof light vehicle designs, which have an increased compatibility with mixed traffic and are better prepared for crashes and collisions.

The SALIENT Project seeks to develop novel, lightweight vehicle structures that are safer, circular and lighter. The project contributes to a new generation of front-end structures (FES) that automatically detect and accommodate to different crash scenarios.

ELCA will help to maximise the outreach of SALIENT by boosting their dissemination efforts through a wider audience in several EU countries and by setting up a series of joint activities aimed at synergise the results of related projects and initiatives in the field of lightweight and automotive safety. ELCA partners Fraunhofer IWU and Northumbria University will work on the project alongside the ELCA office from Bax & Company.

The press release can be found below for more information on SALIENT visit their website here. 


We look forward to all of the collaborations in the future! 

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