ELCA Workshops 2021 – Collaborating for the future

The first ELCA workshops of 2021 took place last week on the 26th and 29th of April, the ELCA network gathered together to discuss potential collaborations for this year and beyond in the framework of Horizon Europe and other EU programmes. Many insightful conversations were had among all of the 6 working groups. Each addressing a value chain stage and discussing new ideas, which could lead to future projects.

ELCA working groups: 

1) materials supply and development
2) characterisation and modelling
3) design and smart functions
4) manufacturing
5) assembly & joining
6) scrap separation and recycling








Through the discussions between ELCA members, initial synergies were identified between the working groups with some potential collaborations between members in the future. The next steps are to solidify and digest all the aspects of the conversations and work on potential future projects.


To reach out to a member of the network, contact communication@elcanetwork.eu


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