Exploring the Indian lightweight market

On the 15th of December ELCA, ELCA internalization and the European Business and Technology Centre hosted the exploratory mission to India to discover the opportunities for aerospace and automotive.

The webinar brought together experts to discuss lightweight technologies. The webinar focused on the Indian market, discussing the most relevant technological needs and the current policy context, demonstrating a knowledge transfer from leading European experts to India. The webinar featured an introduction from the ELCA and ELCA COSME networks with each sharing information on main facilities, sectors, competencies and current projects.

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The roundtable discussions brought many insightful points, EBTC’s Atul Suri initiated the discussion and roundtable for the session looking at the opportunities and challenges lightweight materials and technologies can bring for potential EU-India partnerships.

The roundtable also discussed mutual interests, expectations and potential obstacles. We look forward to potential future collaborations!



We would like to thank all the participants, the experts involved in presenting their use cases and EBTC for this collaboration.



To reach out to a member of the network, contact communication@elcanetwork.eu


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